OPC Responds to Consumers Reporting Difficulties Contacting WGL Customer Service

Consumer Advisory

Today, in a letter to the DC Public Service Commission Chairman, People’s Counsel Sandra Mattavous-Frye has asked the Commission to look into and work with OPC as soon as possible to resolve any issues related to consumers' ability to contact WGL Customer Services.

Ms. Mattavous-Fry states, “I am reaching out to you to alert you to a serious and growing issue with Washington Gas Light (WGL). The issue involves consumers being unable to reach a person at WGL to either initiate service or set up a service call to fix the existing gas service. My primary concern is that consumers who are reaching out to WGL to establish payment arrangements to pay off past due bills to avoid disconnection are unable to do so.”

The People’s Counsel also shared that “with the moratorium on utility disconnections soon to be lifted, WGL will have no issue disconnecting service. If consumers are disconnected, WGL is likely to require a large down payment to restore service and establish a payment arrangement. Many consumers will be unable to provide the down payment and will face an upcoming winter heating season without gas service. This will compound issues consumers are dealing with during the pandemic.

OPC is encouraging any District of Columbia consumer who has experienced difficulty reaching WGL Customer Service to contact the Office of the People’s Counsel immediately. OPC is working to construct a record and bring your issues before the Public Service Commission in a timely manner.

File a complaint via opc-dc.gov on this link. Consumers also can contact OPC at (202) 727-3071 or info@opc-dc.gov.

PDF available for Download