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Telecommunications refers to the exchange of information through communications technologies like telephones, cellphones, and the Internet.

Whether you are looking for information about new telecommunications services or seeking help with a problem or complaint about existing service, this web portal will allow you to learn more about the telecommunications resources available to you through OPC, other DC agencies, the federal government, and other organizations. The portal also highlights the cases the Office is working on and important telecommunications issues.

General Information

OPC advocates on behalf of residential telephone customers: (1) in cases before the DC Public Service Commission (PSC) and the DC Court of Appeals concerning rates and service issues related to landline service; (2) in cases before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); and (3) regarding legislation considered by the Council of the District of Columbia and at the federal level.

Your rights as a District of Columbia telecommunications consumer.

As a consumer of local telephone service in the District, you are entitled to safe, adequate and reliable service.

The District’s Utility Consumer Bill of Rights, first adopted in 1979, is the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) consumer protection rules that govern the rights, duties and responsibilities of both the District’s local telephone consumers and telephone service providers.

Link to CBOR

How can I get help with my telephone service problem?

  • If you have a complaint or issue regarding your local telephone services… contact OPC at 202-727-3017.
  • If you have a complaint or issue regarding your VoIP telephone service (including FiOS Digital Voice)… contact the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 or visit
  • If you have a complaint or issue regarding your cable or Internet service… contact the DC Office of Cable TV at 202-671-0066 an/or contact the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 or visit

OPC is authorized to represent DC consumers in matters regarding their local landline telephone service. OPC does not have authority to represent consumers in matters regarding cellular/wireless telephone service, cable TV, or broadband Internet.

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