OPC Continues to Serve Consumers in Response to Covid-19 Health Emergency

The Office of the People's Counsel to

Continuing Providing Support for Utility

Consumers During Health Crisis


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In response to the public health emergency created by the COVID-19 virus and to protect District ratepayers from the spread of the virus, effective Monday March 16th @ 9:00 AM, the Office of the People's Counsel will begin serving consumers remotely. Consumers seeking to address a utility consumer complaint may do so online at www.opc-dc.gov using OPC's consumer complaint form, or by calling our office at 202-727-3071. OPC Consumer Complaint Specialists will return your call within 24 hours. Persons who are unable to file online and seek to meet with a complaint specialist in-person must do so by calling (202) 727-3071 to arrange an appointment. On March 10, People's Counsel Sandra Mattavous-Frye sent a letter to each locally operating utility to ascertain how it will adjust their consumer service and payment policies during this health crisis. OPC urged the utilities to take action to facilitate the continued provision of essential utility service during this period. Pepco has indicated it has set a moratorium on the disconnection of electric service for all customers until May 1. In addition, the company will waive late fees during this period and extend special payment terms to consumers. DC Water will also suspend water service disconnections and waive late fees for customers during this crisis. Verizon has suspended disconnections to residential and small business consumers affected by disruptions caused by the Coronavirus for 60 days. OPC will forward information regarding Washington Gas Light's policies as they are developed.   Media Contact: Doxie McCoy Public Information Officer (202) 261-1180 dmccoy@opc-dc.gov