Hot Button Issue: Electrification

In order for the District to meet its goal of reducing carbon emissions 100% by 2050, the District will have to drastically reduce its fossil fuel use. One potential way to do that is called “electrification.” In short, electrification is switching a fossil fuel use such as a stove, boiler, car or bus to one that runs on electricity. As the District’s electricity increasingly comes from “green” sources like solar panels and other renewable resources, the electricity used by those electric appliances and vehicles become closer to fossil-fuel free. OPC is working to ensure that District consumers’ needs are served in the development and execution of electrification plans. For example, in the DC Public Service Commission (“PSC”) proceeding regarding Pepco’s proposed transportation electrification program (FC1130) OPC is working to ensure this program equitably benefits ratepayers in all eight wards. OPC is also participating in DOEE’s transportation electrification roadmap to ensure the voice of consumers is included. You can learn more about the District’s draft electrification plans here and look out for additional ways to weigh in on them here.