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Value of Solar Study


In 2015, the DC Council charged OPC to conduct a study to review and assess emerging alternatives for energy choice for residential consumers.  Given the growing importance of solar in the DC energy landscape, and OPC’s commitment to consumer empowerment and mitigating the impacts of climate change, OPC decided a study of DC solar capacity and valuation would be highly useful to policymakers and energy stakeholders, since DC has never conducted a value of solar study before. OPC issued an RFP and retained two expert consultants to conduct a Value of Solar (VoS) study for the District of Columbia.
  • There are two central components to the project:
    1. an assessment of solar capacity and value for DC overall and
    2. a review of low-income solar access issues.
  • Entire project expected to be complete by late December 2016, when OPC will host an in-person presentation on the VoS study findings presentation.  The location and date of that event will be forwarded as details are finalized.

Next steps:

Once the final report is prepared, OPC will present its findings to the Mayor, the Council, the Public Service Commission and other policy makers.