OPC Asks PSC to Modify Pepco Rate Case Decision to Reflect Facts in the Record, Correct Legal Errors, and Protect Consumers from Future Harm


Washington, DC -- OPC today asked the DC Public Service Commission to reconsider its order approving a Modified Enhanced Multiyear Rate Plan (EMRP). The Modified EMRP is a significantly different form of establishing rates for electric service. In its filing, OPC outlined several areas where the Commission committed legal errors in approving Pepco's new method of ratemaking. Specifically, the Commission’s approval of the Modified EMRP is not based on facts in the record and does not provide a well-reasoned explanation for its approval. In addition, OPC asked the Commission to clarify its decisions on a number of other matters in this case that were not fully explained. “This order is a setback for the District of Columbia because it approves a new method of ratemaking that provides less regulatory oversight of future rate increases, shifts even more economic risks to consumers, and does nothing to advance the city’s climate agenda,” said People’s Counsel, Sandra Mattavous-Frye. “The order ignores other parties’ positions opposing Pepco’s new ratemaking proposal and gives little to no attention to the near unanimous voice of the community strongly opposing a rate increase in the midst of a global pandemic when many consumers are struggling to regain their financial footing. “This case is a watershed moment in the regulatory landscape of the District of Columbia that will have far reaching negative implications for DC residents. As People’s Counsel, I am disappointed that the Commission chose to advance a corporate agenda over the public interest," said Mattavous-Frye. She urges consumers to contact the Commission ASAP and request the PSC change its order to reject the Modified EMRP, address the city’s climate agenda and ensure that any rate increase is just and reasonable during these trying financial times. The Commission now has an opportunity to modify its order to better serve District electric utility consumers. Upon OPC’s review of the PSC’s order on reconsideration, which is expected to be issued this summer, if the Office determines that the Commission did not sufficiently address the legal errors, OPC can appeal the case to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. PDF available for Download