MEDSIS Grid Of Future

Formal Case No. 1130 – Investigation into Modernizing the Energy Delivery Structure for Increasing Sustainability (MEDSIS)

The Grid of the Future (or “grid modernization”) generally refers to a forward- looking planning process to implement the improvements that must be made by the utility industry and other stakeholders to update our aging energy infrastructure and accommodate public policy commitments to and greater consumer demand for renewable and distributed energy resources.

In recognition of the need to understand and best adapt to the profound changes happening in the energy sector, the PSC in June 2015, established Formal Case No. 1130 to explore the issues and perspectives of energy stakeholders related to grid modernization. Specifically, this proceeding is intended to identify technologies and policies that can modernize the District’s energy delivery system for increased sustainability and will make our electric infrastructure more reliable, efficient, cost-effective and interactive.

As policymakers and regulators increasingly prioritize more environmentally- responsible energy options, distributed generation and renewable energy sources like solar and wind and energy efficiency are growing in popularity, especially in the District where more consumers are exploring clean energy options. The exploration of ways to establish a more advanced and consumer-driven energy infrastructure will better facilitate the ability of DC consumers to benefit from a more reliable grid, reduced carbon emissions, energy cost savings and more clean energy jobs in our city.

OPC will continue to be active in this proceeding and will engage consumers to understand their concerns and the capabilities they wish to see as the grid of the future is developed.