Consumers are Talking

Barbara Morgan, Ward 7

"If it were not for the Office of the People’s Counsel’s efforts to educate ratepayers about pending legislation and rulemaking, many of us would be in the dark about the brutal impact these rulings would have on our lives. Thank you, Office of the People’s Counsel. Thank you, DC Government and all who join the call for justice of affordable rates."

Dr. Horatio Harris, Ward 5

"I’m a 94-year old WWII veteran. I thought a career as a dental surgeon would leave me wanting for nothing in my retirement years. I was mistaken. My initial call to OPC has not only restored my utilities but made connections with other DC Government agencies. It’s developed into a relationship that appears to be long-lasting – in particular with Linda Jefferson and Valca Valentine. Not too much time passes when I receive a call from either of them just check on how I’m doing. It’s a blessing not to have to worry about these things and just focus on my health. OPC has made that possible."

Elena Glassman, Ward 4

"I became ill with what I suspect was COVID 19. Simultaneously, for still unknown reasons, my water bill rose dramatically.  While, COVID prevented a DC Water visit, OPC’s Water Division worked as a true advocate on my behalf. They provided access to energy reduction cost programs and the Mayor’s emergency DC Water fund until the bill reached a normal amount.  I am personally most grateful to OPC for doing this work on behalf of DC residents. The importance of advocacy for the vulnerable consumer is critical, especially in times of unprecedented international crisis."

Donalee Wood, Ward 4

"As a resident and consumer in the District of Columbia, I have had a very positive experience with the Office of the People’s Council. The existing situation of dealing with a pandemic had slowed my progress in collecting paperwork. The Water Services team is skilled, knowledgeable, and above all, a patient advocate on my behalf, especially helping me navigate through the maze of paperwork."

Jeannette Jones, Ward 1

"My husband took ill and I retired to take care of him. We were hit with a $4,000 water bill. The more I tried to work with DC Water to pay them, the more it seemed that they would threaten to turn off my water. Then they turned it off. Through a blessing from God, Marchim Williams and OPC’s Water Services Division helped me get the water turned on and enroll in an affordable payment plan.  I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Williams’ assistance and patience."

Afimina Caminis, Ward 3

"Before I called OPC, my attempts to get DC Water to investigate the situation had not produced any results. Marchim Williams frequently called DC Water on my behalf and kept me updated on his discussions with them. He was unfailingly professional, helpful, courteous, and kind, and he was very thorough in following up on my case. Ultimately, my dispute with DC Water was settled in my favor, for which I am grateful to Mr. Williams and to OPC.  I doubt that the outcome would have been as positive without OPC's assistance."